13 Real Ways to Make Money Online

Darius Gaynor

The internet has become a very popular medium to earn money, and people are actually benefiting from it. You will love to make money online because there are various ways or options and thus you are sure to find a opportunity that suits your interest. Even if you just have a basic knowledge of using the internet, you can earn a good amount. To help you get started, below are given some of the best ways to make money online.


This, even though not one of the fastest way to earn money on the internet, still is a very easy one. You can write on topics that interests you. Just make sure you keep on updating your blog. Do incorporate an AdSense account in your blog to start your income.

Paid writing

If you find maintaining a blog difficult, but still want to make something with your passion for writing, then writing for other sites or blogs like PayPerPost, Helium, or Weblogs will be a great idea. You can also choose to write an e-book. e-book needs no investment, and there is not cost for printing or shipping involved. If your command over languages is very good, then you can consider the job of a copy editor, wherein you will be paid by Webmasters for reading articles and correcting sentence structure, grammatical errors and so on.

Referring a candidate

This is a very interesting yet simple way of earning money online. Certain websites will pay you money when you refer prospective employees to employers. The remuneration generally stars from $50. So, if you can find a good number of job seekers, you can expect to make quite a good amount. There will be no investment from your side, and yet you can make some easy money.


Online tutors are growing in demand each day. So, if you like teaching, then e-teaching will be an ideal way for you to earn money online. You just need to choose a subject/subjects that you plan to teach and spare few hours every week. Tutor.com, Smarthinking, e-tutor and TutorVista are some of the sites you can get enrolled with.

Online surveys

Many companies offer money to candidates for filling out simple survey forms. If you are wondering why a company would do so, then it is one of their market research strategy. These survey forms help the company know the view of the customers regarding their products or services. There are many online survey sites that will help you find websites that pays for filling out survey forms. So, join as many as you can, and make easy money.

Selling photos

If you like clicking photographs, then this hobby can help you make money online. You can upload photographs on certain websites, and if they are downloaded, you will be paid a certain amount. You can generally sell a single photograph to more than one website, so even if few photographs clicked by you are interesting enough, you can expect to make a decent amount.


If you think you can sell stuffs easily, then becoming an affiliate/reseller will help you make money online. An affiliate is paid a commission for selling products that he promotes. You can promote products through your own website, or though other avenues like eBay. The product need not necessarily be yours. You just need to signup for an affiliate program with any company, and then start selling their products under your personal referral link.

Virtual assistant

Small businesses need help to complete their work, but they generally are not ready to spend on full-time employees, and they thus hire virtual assistants. A virtual assistant is required to do all the task that a traditional assistant or secretary does, like paying bills, handling expense reimbursements, making travel reservations, interacting with clients over phone, sending or replying to emails and so on. The only difference is that you can do all these from your home itself.


If you have a performer hidden within you, and you want the world to know about it, then you must upload your videos on YouTube. You can be a comedian, musician, filmmaker who needs a wider audience. You will earn from the ads that is displayed on your video page. This is quite like the pay-per-click advertising program.

Building applications

The smartphones have become immensely famous, and with it has grown the demand for their apps or so to say their applications. New applications are being introduced everyday, and they sell like hot cakes. So, if you are talented enough and can create your own application for smartphones, then that can indeed help you make a good amount of money online.

Data entry 

Data entry is a simple job that can help you make some good money. You just need a computer with internet connection and basic knowledge of using the same. The job is very simple, you just need to complete simple forms, arrange surveys, and fill data according to stipulation. Even by spending just few hours each day, you can make a good amount.

Sell products on Craigslist/eBay/Amazon

Almost anything can be sold on Craigslist and eBay and Amazon. There indeed are things that sell better compared to others, and you first need to find out what these things are. You can visit the hot searches section on eBay or best sellers on Amazon to get an idea about the products that are most popularly sold. If you have any such products, you can start selling them right away. Craigslist helps you buy/sell anything with hardly any shipping costs. So, make the most of these websites, and earn some good money.

Reading emails

You can indeed make money by reading paid emails. Such emails have links that will direct you to different websites. Though the money earned by this method is not substantial, but you can make some extra amount without having to invest much time.

These are some ways to help you make money online. The more amount of time you can invest, the more will be your income. So, start with any of these jobs, and begin making money right from the comfort of your home.

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By Darius Gaynor


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